Memories, souvenirs and decoration

Elaboracion de tejido para souvenirs

We invite you to discover part of the ancestral culture of the Land of the Yachaqs through textile souvenirs made especially for events, congresses, incentives and meetings. These products are made by women who keep a thousand-year-old textile tradition in the art of weaving in waist loom.

Flores de Amaru

 Flower arrangements
Sacred Valley communities have started selling flowers we produce in our gardens. We have also developed skills to make arrangements from dried flowers.
Many arrangements for various occasions such as graduations, weddings and arrangements for hotels and restaurants in the region, completing a wide range of products and decorative event services offered.

 Souvenirs made from traditional textiles
As heirs of the ancient techniques of Inca iconography reflected in textiles, we offer a variety of textile products for gift or souvenir of an event, also to decorate rooms or areas of a given environment, such as the lobby, at the reception, or others.
We have accessories like scarves, ties, handbags purses, pillows, individual and passageways with Inca motif that give a touch of authenticity to your memories or souvenirs.

Trabajos en ceramica

 Clay pottery
The residents of communities have developed techniques in clay pottery including handmade painted with natural dyes; that is why each piece of pottery is unique.

Discover the different elements that you can get to see them as souvenirs and memories for participants in an event. Decorative ceramics that can be included for presentation and decoration or as utilitarian items in hotels and restaurants is also produced.

 Stone carving
Villagers have recovered techniques soapstone carving stone. The work that we offer can be reminders or decorative depending on the needs of the event.
The stone used for such work is the marmolina which has a whitish cream that is easily distinguished from other work produced.

Cantera Cachiccata