Andean gastronomy and catering

for congresses, events and meetings

Atención del servicio de gastronomía - estación de bebidas

Taking advantage of the wealth of resources offered by Mother Earth, we have developed a culinary culture based on ancient methods using natural products; and from a training process we have improved quality in the preparation and presentation of our products and food services.

Give your participants a taste of our delicious cuisine and enjoy an alpaca meat skewers, a tasty tumbo or aguaymanto cocktail, quinoa or potato croquettes, infusions of various Andean plants, among other snacks that will make your event accompanied by a unique dining experience.

Atención del servicio de gastronomía

 Salty snacks

  • Alpaca brochettes: Diced alpaca meat accompanied with grilled vegetables.
  • Chicken brochettes: Diced chicken and various grilled vegetables accompanied with rocoto sauce.
  • Andean Causa: The traditional "Causa" prepared with native potatoes, giving a touch of color and Andean flavor to our Creole dish.
  • Potato croquettes: Portions of mashed potatoes with butter and chives fried in oil, served with chili sauce.
  • Quinua croquettes: Our Andean cereal combined with natural ingredients that will be a delight to your palate.
  • Cocktail potaotes: Native tiny potatoes flavored with rosemary and roasted with butter.
  • Quinua quiche: Coverage of quinoa, stuffed with cheese, ham or chicken rolled to combine the flavors of its ingredients.
  • Tamales: Prepared from corn flour, steamed and flavored with spices.
  • Crispy Trout: Trout covered with a crunchy dough, accompanied by native potatoes grown in the communities.


  • Aguaymanto & maracuyá sour: Our flag drink accompanied by the native fruit of our region.
  • Coffee and infusions: Traditional of our region.
  • Chicha morada: Traditional drink made with purple corn, made with the original recipe.
  • Coca sour: Our ancestral coca leaf macerated in Pisco allows us to taste our flag cocktail with a unique and peculiar flavor
  • Tumbo cocktail: Based on this native fruit and flavored with spices

 Sweet snacks

  • Pumpkin compote: Prepared with spices to taste a traditional dessert that has been revalued in the Sacred Valley.
  • Sachatomate (tree tomato) compote: Tree tomato cooked and mixed with aromatic spices to obtain an exquisite sweet.
  • Quinua pancakes: Based on quinoa flour, mixed with milk and cooked, served with marmalade.
  • Quinua with mango: A different version to try our quinoa, which combined with mango, will become a sweet delight
  • Carrot cake: Prepared with flour, eggs, butter, sugar and carrot as the main ingredient.
  • Zambito de quinua: Based on our Andean product, quinoa.


Los almuerzos elaborados por los pobladores de las comunidades son preparados con ingredientes nativos y métodos ancestrales The meals elaborated by the residents of the communities are prepared with native ingredients and ancestral methods.

  • Pachamanca: Based on pre-heated stones coocking technique, meat of lamb, pork, chicken and vegetables such as beans, corn, potatoes and other previously marinated with natural spices.
  • Stuffed trout: Boneless trout stuffed with cheese and ham, garnished with native potatoes and salad.

We also serve buffet lunches for celebrations of weddings, corporate meetings and other events.