The music and dance from ancient times played an important role in Andean society, and had a popular character and accompaniment in community activities.

For its part, the dances had a magical religious, most of which were linked to ceremonial reasons; however, it also had the agricultural, warlike nature and fun. Gathering the importance of these events have developed cultural events of music and dance that will enhance the event with a touch of authenticity.

Welcome Music
Welcome music is played by the residents of communities with traditional instruments such as the flute and tinya give soft and short melodies that are the starting point of an event. Thus it is replicating what was done in the Andean culture where music is linked to any activities carried out by the settlers.

Musical interlude
A musical interval with the use of the harp and mandolin, strings that came with the Spaniards and were adopted by the Andean culture as part of the tradition and culture of the communities is offered. Participants will enjoy pleasant moments during the break or intermediate event with various melodies played by musicians.

Andean dance as a cultural expression, says the roots of the people with their daily habits and traditions. There has been a compilation of motivational dances to reassess the artistic expressions that represent the region. These cultural events are suitable for halftime at an event.

Among the dances that we offer eg Llantaq’epe dance, dance is part of the cultural tradition of Ayni, reflecting reciprocity, solidarity and mutual assistance for the work of moving the fire in a community.