Characters and ancestral rites

 The Varayoc
The system of traditional authorities known as “varayoc” or “rod” has transcended the time, being a symbol of tradition and ancient culture in Cusco. The varayoc symbolizes the highest authority of a town and boasts a costume composed by storm, “ch’ullu” sandals, “swish” pants and rod control over one meter tall headdress adorned with silver, which is authority inherited authority.

Within an event, the Varayoc is the symbolic charge to welcome participants to the various authorities highlighting the event.

 The Pututero
he pututero is responsible for blowing the pututo, Andean wind instrument made from sea conch (Strombus originally Galeatus the genus Spondylus was used). The pututeros since ancient times have been responsible for the initiation of celebrations, meetings and other community activities.

In events or ceremonies kicking the pututeros the event, announcing the arrival of a major character or presentation, keeping the originality and authenticity of the Andean character.

 Payment ceremonies
Payments are how to thank the spirits associated with natural forces for the benefits or benefits granted. Andean ceremony teachers who act as intermediaries between the spiritual and material world have kept the ancestral rites of Andean culture to keep them current with the passage of time.

Thanks ceremonies are performed by an Andean priest who in his wisdom relates to provide all the requested elements offering.

Enhance your event with the participation of the Andean priests who perform the various ceremonies requested for the great event.

 Andean marriages
The Andean marriage is the union of correspondence, reciprocity and complementarity with the Pachamama. It allows us to understand the relationship between man and nature, as the new phase of life of the couple begins with the marriage is blessed by the Pachamama.

Respecting the principles of the Andean tradition, Andean priests celebrate the rituals of marriage for couples who want to unite their lives with the blessing of the Pachamama.