The Yachaqs (The Sages)

We are eight ayllus (communities) that share the wisdom bequeathed by our ancestors, such as tradition, history and culture that is reflected in our agricultural, livestock and craft activities, as well as in ceremonies and rituals. "Los Yachaqs" we are located along the Sacred Valley of the Incas at the entrance of the magnificent Machupicchu, in the Cusco region.

We are organized as the "La Tierra de los Yachaqs" Association, a project that is administered by us, guaranteeing the equitable distribution of the benefits generated by the quality services we provide with the tourist activity (rural tourism - community - experiential).

As heirs of the Incas, we are aware of the balance and harmony of conserving and respecting nature, the Pachamama and the culture in our Andes. We want to share this experience with you.

¡Come and meet us!

Mapa de las comunidades de los Yachaqs