Socma – Ollantaytambo

The Socma community has approximately 180 people.

The most important attraction is the natural charm of the Perolniyoc waterfalls with 50 meters of height, 45 minutes away walking from Socma community, crowned by pre-Inca archeological rests named after the waterfalls; on the way you go over the Incas´ trail, part of a royal path or Qapacñan.

In Socma they will teach us how to hew a variety of marble stone.

The most representative dish is La Merienda (meal with corn, guinea pig, special tortilla). The typical drink is the chicha made of fermented corn called chicha de jora and frutillada, fermented strawberry the last one.

The most relevant celebrations are on May 3rd “Cruz Velacuy” festivity to the cross of Jesuscrist. and on August 2nd “Angels Virgin” with typical dances.

The community is in charge of La Tierra de los Yachaqs, that let us improve our quality of life.


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