Patabamba – Coya

Approximately 200 families are living in Patabamba.

The principal activities are agriculture and animal husbandry: herding Andean camelids, sheep and cattle although they dedicate themselves largely to textile and handicrafts.

The community has a viewpoint over the natural landscapes of the Sacred Valley of the Incas called balcony of the Sacred Valley.

Typical traditional dishes are Sancc’u, a combination of cereals with aromatic plants, salt and sugar and cuy lawa, a cream soup with guinea pig. Typical drinks are “chicha de jora” made of fermented corn and white chicha made of quinoa with corn and beans.

The community still has lots of ancient traditions such as the following festivities: the carnival between February and March, around this season also the single men and women celebrate picking up some flowers and dancing with the traditional “yunsas” (party around a tree). Also by carnivals is celebrated the marking of the limits of the communities, this feast is leaded by the “carguyoc” or “mayardomo”. On 3rd of May also celebrate Cruz Velacuy. The feast of San Juan on 24th of June is celebrated too.

A part of the profits of my handicrafts benefited directly my family, what allowed us to ameliorate our house.


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