Huayllafara – Lamay

The community of Huayllafara consists of 40 families with a total population of approximately 200 persons.

Their principal activity is agriculture and animal rearing; the heads of the families dedicate themselves completely to agricultural activities and the children to pasturing.

The community has an agricultural interpretation center which includes a calenderer that represents the 12 months of the year, with an exhibition of Andean traditional instruments used for agriculture and important crops like corn, potatoes, broad beans, quinoa, tarwi, etc.

The Yachaqs from Huayllafara live from the fruits of the earth. Decoding the cycles and the caprices of the earth is not just an ancestral knowledge but also a way to ensure the continuation of the culture.

The villagers will teach you the importance of agriculture, its cycles and its connection with the Pachamama (mother earth) and its Apus (gods or deities). Through rituals in which they offer their products, they show us the connection of man with Pachamama, celebrating his main festivities with music and dances.

Visitors can also use their traditional agricultural tools such as the chaquitaclla, useful among others, to practice traditional farming techniques.

Among its typical dishes is La haucha de Ullpu, prepared from the Ullpu plant that grows on the banks of the Carmen River.

The most important celebrations of the community are: the Anniversary of the Community, on October 28 and San Juan Day, Huayllafara’s patron, on June 24.


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