The community has approximately 180 families. Chichubamba is located next to the city of Urubamba. The village is a little community surrounded by a green countryside.

The agricultural activity is an important source of income, which is complemented with the breeding of guinea pigs, bees and the creation of handicrafts such ceramics, tapestries and many others.

In Chichubamba, the visitor will have the opportunity to enjoy the great weather that this area offers and explore the everyday life, learning activities such as the creation of ceramics, producing artisanal chocolate, apiculture (extraction of honey), preparation of “Chicha de Jora” (fermented cor n) and the process of textile art among other activities.

The most representative dish is the Lechón, baked pork.

Typical drinks are chicha made of fermented corn called chica de jora and “frutillada”, fermented strawberry.

The most relevant celebrations are the carnivals between February and March, Cruz Velacuy on 3rd of May, and San isidro Labrador on 15th of May.


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